FI Logistics specialise in arranging the export of all types of general cargo.

We are experts in the shipment of wine, timber, wool etc from Australia to other countries.

We can arrange the carriage of your cargo from door to door… for example, wine from a winery in Australia to a store selling wine in China.  Whether your cargo requires normal, expeditious or time specific delivery, we can arrange the right transport for you.

We will consider your requirements carefully and book them with a carrier most suited to the type of carriage required (road, sea and/or air), the type of goods carried and/or the destination of the shipment.  We will seek the service that best suits your overall requirements.

We are experienced in arranging sea and air transport and will assist you with the preparation of your shipping documentation in accordance with your export documents including your terms of sale (correct incoterms), bank documents (such as letters of credit) and/or any other required documents such as certificates of origin, relevant permits or certificates required by relevant authorities for export or import into the relevant countries.

We deal with reputable air and ocean carriers to ensure your shipments are carried reliably and safely to their destination in a timely manner.

FI Logistics is an accredited regulated air cargo agent (RACA) Please contact our expert team to arrange your next export shipment