FI Logistics is an international freight forwarder that distinguishes itself in the industry through its personalised, professional and committed high quality of service.

FI Logistics can handle and arrange all elements of a domestic or international logistics operation from the warehousing/storage/distribution of goods through to the customs clearance and road, sea and/or air carriage of goods as required.

We know that the delivery of goods to your customers in a safe, timely and costly manner is your priority.  Accordingly, we make it our business to provide you with:

  • Quality – a consistently high level of service on each occasion you ship with us by arranging our experts to coordinate safe, economic and timely deliveries.
  • Expertise – we provide a trusted team of experts in whatever service you require in arranging the movement of your goods domestically or internationally. 
  • Personal Interaction – we operate in a very open and personable manner because this allows us to plan and coordinate a logistics operation that meets your expectations.
  • Availability – we can be contacted any day of the year. If you have any enquiries, we invite you to call our dedicated team to service your requests with care.