FI Logistics is a WA owned and operated freight forwarding company located in the Perth suburb of Canning Vale.

FI Logistics offers professional domestic and international freight forwarding services.

As a specialist in arranging the shipment of goods domestically and internationally by all modes of transport, we can make the task of moving your cargo a smooth exercise.

We can provide solutions in one of more of the following services as required:

  • the pick-up of goods from your door or from your overseas supplier,
  • the packing, storing and distribution of goods prior or post shipment,
  • the road carriage of goods to/from ports or airports before or after sea/air carriage,
  • the customs clearance for export and import shipments,
  • the sea or air carriage for international shipment, delivery to door.

Yes.  You should insure against the risk of loss and damage that may arise through an incident relating to the storage/distribution/shipment of your cargo.

We do not provide or arrange insurance for our clients.

International carriers, forwarders and shipping agents, including us, operate under general terms and conditions in relation to liability.  In addition, many can rely on limits of liability incorporated in applicable international conventions or domestic laws – meaning recovery for loss or damage incurred may be limited.

Loss or damage may also arise through no fault of the carrier/agent/us.  Accordingly, any recovery for loss or damage may be difficult.

We recommend you approach an experienced marine insurance broker to assist you with your insurance requirements.

ABF (Australian Border Force) has a list for prohibited and restricted imports for what can and cannot bring into Australia. Please refer to below weblink for further information: http://www.border.gov.au/Busi/cargo-support-trade-and-goods/importing-goods/prohibited-and-restricted.

Schedule 3 of the Customs Act 2016 list duty rate for all goods please refer to below weblink for further information: http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Impo/Work#Schedule3

Food and drink need to meet below minimum requirement before they can enter into Australian market.

  • All compulsory information must in English
  • State the importer name and address
  • List all ingredients
  • State expiry date/batch number/lot code
  • State country of origin

For importation of goods you will need below documents:

  • Bill of lading for sea shipment or air way bill for air shipment
  • Commercial invoice for your shipment from supplier
  • Packing list for your shipment from supplier
  • Packing declaration (template please see resource)
  • If it is a shipment containing wooden components you will required a treatment certificate from a certified offshore service provider usually a fumigation certificate to avoid additional cost for treatment and extra movement in Australia for your shipment.
  • If it is a machine you will need a new and unused declaration from supplier (template please see resource)
  • If it is a product that may contain asbestos you will required for a importer declaration (template please see resource)
  • Other documents in a case by case scenario.